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We would be happy to help you with resolving the every day wear-and-tear of your Persian, Oriental, area and other rugs. Cleaning your rugs on a regular basis will help keep them looking their best and will also clear dust and dander from your home.  There are many ways that Cristomar can help you keep your rugs as beautiful as they were when originally entering your home.

With our team of repair and cleaning specialists, we can repair damaged rugs and rebuild the full beauty and structure of your rug so that you can get great use of these heirlooms for many years to come.

Our Cleaning Process Consists of Seven Steps

Rug Duster
Color Test
Dye "Colorfast"Test
Pet Tank
Pet Urine Pre-Treatment
Fresh Water Scrubber
Dry Room
Climate Control Dry Room
Cristomar Truck
Pickup & Delivery

Seven Steps of Professional Rug Cleaning

  1. Cristomar removes all the loose dirt and grit that works its way down through the rug's pile. These particles are sharp and cause damage to the rug pile. Have you ever seen a "walking path" in an old Oriental rug? Over time, dirt particles will break off the fibers at the foundation. Our dusting machine removes sand and grit deep in the pile that regular vacuuming does not.

  2. We test your rug's dyes for colorfastness. If the dyes are not colorfast, then the rug is protected with a dye-fix to set the dyes during the wash process.

  3. The rug is hand-cleaned with a cold-water, mild-shampoo bath, using soft brushes for mild agitation. This removes dirt from the rug pile, which brightens the colors. Walking-path areas, food spills and stains are given special attention. Cristomar rinses your rug in a cold-water rinse to remove all soap and impurities.

  4. The wet rug is placed through a rubber-roller wringer (the rollers adjust to the thickness of each rug) to gently remove about 80% of the water.

  5. The rug is then placed in our new Centrifuge to remove all but about 3-5% of the remaining water.

  6. The drying process is key to keep the clean, fresh smell and to prevent a musty or mildew odor. The rug is dried in North Atlanta's only dry room, where large fans move the air to dry the rugs quickly and completely.

  7. During the final step, we check every rug to ensure we have done everything possible to return a beautiful, clean rug to you.

Repair of Your Oriental or Fine Rug

Repair- Mary 1
Repair 2

Cristomar's Rug Repair Process includes:

  • Thorough inspection of the entire rug to identify damage & problem areas

  • Replacement or repair of fringe

  • Rebuilding side binding

  • Reweaving tears and holes

  • Dye & color repair

  • Tread & “walking path” repair

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Our Rug Consignment Shop

Rug Shop

Cristomar's Consignment Rug Shop was created as a service to customers who have moved, downsized, or redecorated, and were unable to use their high-quality rugs in their new surroundings. Each gently used rug is cleaned, inspected, and in good repair. Cristomar's consignment shop features a variety of sizes, colors, and patterns – beautiful rugs at great prices!

Rug Shop Chris Mary

Pet Stain Treatments 

PET Puppy


Dogs and cats will find the most expensive area rug in the home to have an accident. Once a urine odor is in your rug, pets will return to that spot again and again. Cristomar specializes in removing urine – which removes the odor. Our Pet Stain Treatment pre-treats the rug prior to cleaning, to dissolve set-in urine crystals so they can be flushed out during the wash process.

Purchase Cristomar "PET" (Prevent-Elimate-Treat) to use at home on area rugs (until they are professionally treated at Cristomar), wall-to-wall carpets, furniture, and more.

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Blacklight Before Pet Urine Treatment Blacklight After Pet Urine Treatment

Cristomar "PET" (Prevent-Elimate-Treat)

PET (32 oz Spray Bottle)


PET (32 oz. Spray Bottle)

For Home Use:

Unlike other spot removers, PET is not a solvent. It has ingredients that are effective in neutralizing pet accidents, while eliminating the odor and deters the return to the same spot.



Spray Bottle - Ready to Use.


You can apply the mixture with a sponge, cloth; or spray directly on the area.     Do Not Rub!

Press down, to completely saturate the area,

Wait ten (10) minutes, then blot with a dry cloth or towel.

Repeat this process.


If possible; slightly elevate the damp area, use a fan to assist drying.  Do not use a hair drier!


Custom Cut Padding

Rug Pad


Add years to the life of your Antique, Oriental, Persian or Area Rug using the proper pad, which will cushion the rug pile, absorb compression of foot traffic and heavy furniture, and minimize wear and tear.

100% Recycled Synthetic Fiber Cushion, Contains a Non-Slip Side for Superior Performance.

Limited 10 Year Warranty.


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