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PET Carpet Spray for Pet Urine and Odor Removal

Custom Cut Pads for All Your Rugs

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Cristomar offers only quality products for your home that help you maintain your rugs and your lifestyle. Stop by our showroom and ask for a demonstration of our safe rug pads or odor-eliminating PET spray.

Professional Pet Stains Treatment

PET Puppy

Dogs and cats will find the most expensive area rug in the home to have an accident. Once a urine odor is in your rug, pets will return to that spot again and again.


Cristomar specializes in removing urine – which removes the odor. Our Pet Stain Treatment pre-treats the rug prior to cleaning, to dissolve set-in urine crystals so they can be flushed out during the wash process.


You can purchase Cristomar "PET" (Prevent-Elimate-Treat) spray to use at home on area rugs, wall-to-wall carpets, furniture, and more until you can have them professionally treated and cleaned at Cristomar.

Cristomar "PET" in 32 oz. spray bottle

PET (32 oz Spray Bottle)

"PET" = Prevent-Eliminate-Treat

For Home Use

Unlike other spot removers, PET is not a solvent. It has ingredients that are effective in neutralizing pet accidents, while eliminating the odor and deters the pet from returning to the same spot.



Spray Bottle is ready-to-use. Apply with a sponge, cloth or spray directly on the area. Do Not Rub!

Press down, to completely saturate the area. Wait ten minutes, then blot with a dry cloth or towel and then repeat the process.

If possible; slightly elevate the damp area, use a fan to assist drying.  Do not use a hair dryer!


"Platinum Slide-Stop" Padding

Platinum Pad 1

Maximum Gripping Power with a Moisture Barrier

Does not contain Latex or PVC for LVT floors

Custom cut - to fit your rugs sizes

The best product to keep your area rug from sliding

Moisture barrier help keep a floor dry when pets have an accident

Add cushion under foot ~0.250 inches

Extends the life of your area rug - for use on all surfaces

"Persian Dream" Padding

Rug Pad

Add years to the life of your Antique, Oriental, Persian or Area Rug using the proper pad. Cushion the rug pile, absorb compression of foot traffic and heavy furniture, all while minimizing wear and tear through the use of professionally cut rug padding.

This pad is 100% recycled synthetic fiber cushion with a non-slip backing, for superior performance.

Why Does Pet Odor Come and Go?

The construction of the carpet, density of the fibers, whether it's synthetic, or wool, cotton, or jute, and even your pet's diet all contribute to how strong pet urine smells. The odor is from salt crystals left from the urine after it evaporates. The crystals later form a gas that we can smell. That's why the odor seems to come and go; it's the humidity that brings out the odors left in the carpet - often for years unless the crystals are removed.

Group of cats and dogs in front. looking at camera. isolated on white background

Before and After Pet Stain Removal

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Blacklight Before Pet Urine Treatment Blacklight After Pet Urine Treatment