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Summer Spills and Your Rugs

When it comes to summertime, we have barbecues, make delicious beverages, and enjoy time with family and friends. However, almost always, there comes a time when someone accidentally spills something on the carpet or on a rug. In this blog, we will go over all you need to know when you experience spill on your…


Water Restoration

When it comes to taking care of your rugs, one thing that is hard to prevent is water damage. Whether your rug is damaged from outside water, overflowing toilets, water heater leakage, or a broken ice maker line, drying your rug is quite a task. When water unexpectedly gets on your rugs, you need to…

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Spot Cleaning Toolkit for Area Rugs

There are certain tools every “Do-it-yourselfer” needs when you need to clean up a food spot or drink spill or pet accident on your area rug.  If these items or products are readily available in the cabinet it can take stress out of a bad situation! Those old, worn out cotton towels can have a…

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Wool – The Preferred Fiber for Area Rugs

Why is wool used as the pile fiber for inexpensive to very expensive area rugs?  Wool has characteristics that other fibers like cotton, rayon, viscose, and even silk don’t possess.  Around the world, the renewability of wool from sheep, goats and other pack animals gives textiles a plentiful wool supply. Wool fiber is capable of…

COVID-19 Cleaning

COVID-19: Service and Restrictions – Update

Dear Cristomar® Customer, CRISTOMAR RE-OPENS on APRIL 20 for CLEANING and REPAIRS At Cristomar, the health of our customers and employees are the highest priority. We are offering “front door” pickup and delivery at your home or curbside service at our Alpharetta Facility for drop off of your rugs! We will also continue to provide…

Rug Padding

Rug Padding

Platinum Slide-Stop Maximum Gripping Power with a Moisture Barrier Does not contain Latex or PVC for LVT floors Custom cut – to fit your rugs sizes The best product to keep your area rug from sliding Moisture barrier help keep a floor dry when pets have an accident Add cushion under foot ~0.250 inches Extends…

Chewing Gum Removal

Chewing Gum Removal

You have a beautiful rug in your living room, but all of the sudden, you drop a piece of chewing gum on the rug. The first thing to do in this kind of situation is to not panic! We have all of the best tips and solutions for cleaning chewing gum off your rug. Keep…

Wine Spill on Rug

Spills on Your Rug

Spills and Your Rug First-Aid Kit: Water and Cotton Towels The time will come when something is spilled on your rug – coffee, soda, wine, or a pet stain. There is a tendency to grab a cleaning product  and scrub the area.  This inevitably causes more permanent harm than good.  A good emergency system is…

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Keeping the house clean during the holidays

This is a sponsored news article, from “NSW” (Northside Woman Magazine), published (December, 2018) by Appen Media Group, Alpharetta, GA; with an article on “Keeping the house clean during the holidays”. Keeping your house clean Keeping your house clean over the Holidays is certainly a challenge!  Food will abound.  Whether it’s the 5 layer dip…

Coffee or Dark Colored Drink

Coffee or Dark Colored Drink Spills

These fibers can take on the color of the spilled drink, so act quickly.

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The year-end holidays are my favorite holidays

This is a sponsored news article, from “NSW” (Northside Woman Magazine), published (November, 2018) by Appen Media Group, Alpharetta, GA; with an article on “The year-end holidays are my favorite holidays – “. “Getting our house ready for Thanksgiving seems to sneak up on me with all our attention on football and fall activities.  Whether…

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Steps for Vacuuming your Area Rugs

Following these Steps for Vacuuming your Area Rugs make them last longer!