Rug Padding

Platinum Slide-Stop

Maximum Gripping Power with a Moisture Barrier

Does not contain Latex or PVC for LVT floors

Custom cut – to fit your rugs sizes

The best product to keep your area rug from sliding

Moisture barrier help keep a floor dry when pets have an accident

Add cushion under foot ~0.250 inches

Extends the life of your area rug – for use on all surfaces

Persian Dream Pad

Add years to the life of your Antique, Oriental, Persian or Area Rug using the proper pad. Cushion the rug pile, absorb compression of foot traffic and heavy furniture, all while minimizing wear and tear through the use of professionally cut rug padding.

This pad is 100% recycled synthetic fiber cushion with a non-slip backing, for superior performance.

Rug padding – BENEFITS!


High quality natural rug pads act as a buffer between rugs and floors, increasing your rugs lifespan. A rug pad will prevent dirt and other debris from getting trapped underneath rugs and ground into the floor from foot traffic.

Non-Slip Grip

A non-slip rug pad anchors your rug firmly to the floor and stops it from moving.  It grips the floor and the rug.


Thick rug pads placed under area rugs add extra cushioning and make your rugs feel more luxurious to walk, sit, or play on. This dense cushioned layer also acts as a sound barrier, great for homes or apartments, and improves indoor acoustics.


Hard surfacing flooring like hardwood and tile can take a toll on rugs. Rugs are made of synthetic and natural fibers, over time, as we walk on them, these fibers get compressed. This causes the rug to lose color and luster, and makes it look older. A rug pad slows down this process. Using a rug pad adds support and takes weight and stress off the rug so they will look their best.