Guide to Rug Storage

Ever need to store your rug for later use or for moving? Sometimes, we tend to store rugs the wrong way. Rugs need a lot of care, and storing them can cause unwanted damage. In order to properly store your rug, there are several things to know. Keep reading to learn the importance and best practices for placing your beloved rugs in storage!

Climate Controlled Areas Are A Must

As mentioned above, your area rugs need love when being placed elsewhere. Make sure that wherever you do store your area rug, you make sure the room, closet, or space is climate controlled. Why? Well, rugs can begin to develop a musty smell, which in turn will attract bugs and other little critters that do not need to be on your beautiful rugs. Having a clean rug in a clean storage area will be less attractive for bugs, leaving them less tempted to make a home for themselves in your rug! Make sure the environment you store it in is also cool and dry.

Do Not Store in Paper

Storing your area rugs is one thing, but storing your area rugs in paper is a no-no. Bugs can also become attracted to paper should you choose to store your rug in it. You will want to roll your rug as tight as possible and if need be, roll in plastic instead of paper. However, with frequent check-ins, your rug should stay bug and smell-free as long as it is cleaned beforehand and rolled tightly.

Moth Treatments Are Recommended

If you have ever been exposed to mothballs, they have quite a distinct scent. Your area rugs do not need to smell like moths, so it is recommended to treat your rugs with moth repellent. Even if you constantly clean your rug when it is in storage, we still recommend treating for moths. Moths can damage your rugs by eating the fibers and withering away the stitching of your rug. Moths are attracted to dirty, moist environments. Keeping your rug clean and in a clean environment (such as a climate-controlled storage unit) is the key way to prevent moths from coming in, making homes in your rug, and ultimately destroying what was once a beautiful asset of your home.

Now, we know that having a rug is a great way to spice up the décor in your home. However, it is easy to ruin your rugs. Rather than worry about your rugs being stored improperly, follow these three tips for optimal success. If you have any questions or would like more information on the care of your rugs, we would love to hear from you!

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