Spot Cleaning Toolkit for Area Rugs

There are certain tools every “Do-it-yourselfer” needs when you need to clean up a food spot or drink spill or pet accident on your area rug.  If these items or products are readily available in the cabinet it can take stress out of a bad situation!

  • Those old, worn out cotton towels can have a new life in the cleanup toolkit. You want something very absorbent to lift out a contaminant. After use a trip through the washer and they are ready for the next project.
  • Spray bottles with the proper cleaners for different types of stains.
    1. Fresh water with a few drops of liquid dish detergent like Dawn. This will penetrate a stain whether dried or fresh.  Mark as #1 bottle with contents.
    2. Fresh water with 1/3 white vinegar. Great for pet urine accidents and vomit or spots where you want a disinfectant.  Mark as #2 bottle with the contents.
    3. Small bottle liquid dish detergent. For greasy/oily stains, a drop or two on the stain with the #1 bottle wetting it will give more cleaning power.
  • A scraper tool is great for the thick or chunky accident. This can be a paint scraper or a solid pancake turner.  Removing a lot of the solids with this makes the rest easier.
  • A small fan, hair dryer (air – not hot) or wet/dry vac can help quickly dry the spotted area. Natural fibers especially need quick drying.

Most off the shelf cleaners are too strong for natural fibers like wool, viscose, jute and sisal.

  • Tips: Always blot (not rub) with the cotton cloth to keep fibers from fuzzing.  Some stains may take multiple cleanings. If you are concerned about a stain, call a professional!

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