Vacuum Damage

When it comes to your rug, keeping it clean is at high on the priority list. Like most rug-owners, you probably vacuum your rug a few times every couple weeks, right? Well, vacuums can actually do a little damage to your rugs! Keep reading to learn how vacuums can affect your rugs and how you can best prevent further damage.

We see a lot of damage to the corners of our customers’ rugs. Why? Vacuums! Vacuums can snag the corner of a rug very easily, tearing up the stitching and requiring them to be resewn. Similarly, we see a lot of wear and tear on rugs with fringe and loose weave pile being pulled out due to careless vacuuming and cleaning.

While we see these issues a lot, they are preventable! Rather than vacuum end-to-end, you will want to start vacuuming your rugs side-to-side. This way, you are less likely to pull up any loose stitching or further pull up any piling. On your vacuum, you will want to start raising the beater bar off from the top of the rug pile. The front of the vacuum has a stronger pull than the sides of the vacuum head.

Another way to prevent more damage to your rug from vacuuming is to routinely vacuum areas of high traffic, such as areas the kids play on, the runner rug in front of your front door and down the hallway, and even the mud room rug. These are common, high-traffic areas that will need frequent maintenance, so it is best to maintain them carefully to prevent any need for repair on the stitching, loose weave pile that has been pulled out or lifted, or fringe on the edges of the rug.

Some other practices for cleaning and vacuuming your rug include:

  1. Pick up your rug (if possible) and shake off the dirt and excess dander outside before vacuuming.
  2. Use an upholstery attachment and move slowly on the rug
  3. Raising the beater bar on your vacuum off from the top of the rug pile

Maintaining your rug is part of being a rug-owner, and we are here to help you learn how to best clean, maintain, and repair your rugs should they get damaged! If you are looking to learn more about our rug cleaning process, visit our website! We are also available by phone, or you are welcome to visit our store location in Alpharetta.

If you have damaged your rug, whether it is vintage or brand new, Cristomar can help. Give us a call at (770) 753-4242 or visit us at 11800 Wills Road, Suite 140, Alpharetta , GA 30009. We would love to see you!