Wool – The Preferred Fiber for Area Rugs

Why is wool used as the pile fiber for inexpensive to very expensive area rugs?  Wool has characteristics that other fibers like cotton, rayon, viscose, and even silk don’t possess.  Around the world, the renewability of wool from sheep, goats and other pack animals gives textiles a plentiful wool supply. Wool fiber is capable of…

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COVID-19: Service and Restrictions – Update

COVID-19 Cleaning

Dear Cristomar® Customer, CRISTOMAR RE-OPENS on APRIL 20 for CLEANING and REPAIRS At Cristomar, the health of our customers and employees are the highest priority. We are offering “front door” pickup and delivery at your home or curbside service at our Alpharetta Facility for drop off of your rugs! We will also continue to provide…

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