Meaning Of Signs And Symbols On Antique Persian Rugs

Persian rugs are beautiful centerpieces for your home. These rugs are one of the most complex and labor-intensive items in the world. The vibrant colors, exquisite patterns, and high-quality fibers combine to make some of the finest rugs in the world. In these rugs, there are a few signs and symbols you should know if you own or want a Persian rug. Continue reading to learn more about the meaning behind signs and symbols on antique Persian rugs.

There are many different symbols within Persian rug patterns that represent different meanings:


  • A resting eagle stands for mindfulness of spirit.
  • An eagle in flight signifies good fortune.
  • A leopard stands for bravery.
  • A parrot means protection from danger.
  • A peacock signifies immortality.
  • A hunting dog means glory and honor.
  • A paradise bird represents paradise.
  • A lion stands for power.


  • A cypress tree represents life after death.
  • A peony stands for power.
  • The Tree of Life represents truth and a direct path from Earth to Heaven.
  • A lily signifies purity.
  • A lotus stands for rebirth.
  • An iris represents religious freedom.
  • A blossom means youth and spring.
  • A tulip signifies prosperity.
  • A pomegranate stands for fertility.
  • A single diamond stands for a woman, two diamonds stand for a man and a woman together.
  • The sun signifies radiant light.
  • A star means good luck and spirituality.

Persian rugs have specific patterns and motifs to represent historical monuments, depictions of daily life, and important images of the Tree of Life or the Garden of Paradise. A few of the general Persian patterns are:

  • Herati motifs have a diamond framework with a single flower with acanthus leaves that curl outward. These motifs can be used in a medallion or all-over patterns. Herati signifies small fishes that swim below to water’s surface towards the moonlight.
  • Boteh motifs look similar to paisley with the pear-like shapes with floral arches. This motif represents fertility and may have pinecones, cypress trees, leaves, and a flame incorporated in the design.
  • Vase patterns have vases and urns throughout the design.
  • Göl patterns create an image of an elephant’s foot through the combination of octagons.

–       Gül patterns are one large flower surrounded by four smaller flowers.

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