Pet Accidents / NSW Magazine

Pet Accidents

This is a sponsored news article, from “NSW” (Northside Woman Magazine), published (September, 2018) by Appen Media Group, Alpharetta, GA; with an article on “Pet Accidents”. Are you sniffing a strange odor coming from your dining room rug?  Do you see yellow spots in your favorite ivory colored area rug? Accidents Pet urine accidents are…

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Pet Urine and Odor Removal from your Oriental Area Rug

Pet Urine

Pet Accidents Do you smell a strange odor coming from your Oriental Area Rug?  If you own a pet, the smell is probably from a Pet Urine accident. Pet accidents on your Area and Oriental rugs should be cleaned up as soon as you find them. Pet urine can damage the rug’s colors and fibers.…

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