How to Choose a Runner Rug

It can be difficult using the perfect rug for your space. It can be especially tough since some spaces are tougher than others. Keep reading to learn how to choose the perfect runner rugs for your space.

What is a runner rug?

A runner rug is a type of rug meant for long and narrow spaces. These rugs can also create the illusion of your space being longer. You can quickly transform a space with a runner rug!

The Most Common Purposes Of A Runner Rug

  • Overall decor and aesthetic
  • Protecting your floor in high traffic areas
  • Guide guests to a specific room,

The Most Common Places To Have A Runner Rug

  • The Kitchen
  • The Staircase
  • In Open Floor Plans
  • In Hallways

Do I Need A Runner Rug In My Hallway?

Runner rugs can quickly transform a space, especially a hallway! If you have a hallway with minimal natural light that needs brightening up, a runner rug can be just the trick. It can transform a dark hallway into a warm and inviting space. Hallways also receive a lot of foot traffic so a runner cna protect your floor from the wear and tear.

How Do You Properly Place A Runner Rug In A Hallway?

Aside from the patterns, colors, and textures of rugs, you need to make sure that your rug is the right length and decide how much of the hallway you want the runner to cover.

Most runner rugs for hallways are two or three feet wide and go from six to fourteen feet long. You don’t want your hallway runner rug to extend into another space so be sure to measure your hallway so you can choose the right length rug.

As for the width, you want to have your runner centered in your hallway to define the path of the hallway. A rule of thumb for runner rugs is to leave four to six inches of space on both sides of the runner.

Runner Rug Styles Options

Now you get to focus on the design side of your rug. You could choose a runner rug that goes with the overall aesthetic of your home or make a bold statement in your hallway. While choosing your runner rug, consider the fiber type, color scheme, and pattern.

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