How to Pack Your Rug When Moving


Most people think that when moving your rug you just need to roll it up and throw it in the moving truck. However, it’s a bit more complicated if you want to keep your rug in great condition. Continue reading to learn how to pack your rug when moving.

Clean Your Rug

Before moving, your rug needs to be cleaned thoroughly. Keeping a rug in good condition starts with regular cleaning. Start off with vacuuming it to get rid of any shedding, dirt, and dust. You could also get a deep cleaning with Cristomar to eliminate any allergens and dust & dirt that is sitting deeper within the fibers of your rug.

Get Your Moving Materials Together

To keep your rug protected during the moving process, it’ll need to be wrapped up. The materials you’ll need include string or rope to tie the rug in place once it’s rolled up, plastic to wrap the rug in, and packing tape to secure the plastic in place.

Before Rolling, Flip Your Rug Over

The top side of your rug, also known as the pile, should be facing outward when rolled up. The back side of the rug needs to be on the inside of the roll because it is fragile and can easily be damaged when it is rolled up with the back facing outward. Before rolling, flip your rug so the backing is facing upward to prevent any damage.

Roll You Rug From The Short Side

After flipping the rug over, start rolling it up from the short side. Make sure you roll it tightly so when you tie it, it stays secure. Do NOT fold your rug. This can cause damage to the backing and the fibers. Rolling is the best way to keep your rug safe while moving.

Don’t Use Your Rug as Padding While Moving

Once you have packed up your rug, keep it in an upright position in the moving truck. If you have to put it in a laying down position, make sure nothing is on top of it. This can easily damage your rug.

Unpack and Roll Out Your Rug

Right before you roll out your rug, make sure you purchased new rug pads and put them down prior to unwrapping your rug. When unpacking your new rug, you’ll probably end up using a knife or scissors to get the plastic off. Be sure to be extremely careful so you don’t accidentally cut your rug.

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