How to Protect Your Rug From Heavy Furniture

You probably have beautiful furniture placed throughout your home. Heavy furniture can end up making harsh indentations in your rugs. If you want to rearrange your furniture, these indentations can end up standing out like a sore thumb. There are a few old tricks to try and get these indentations out, but it’s better to try and prevent these indentations altogether. Continue reading to learn how to protect your rug from heavy furniture.

Furniture Foot Pads

Floor pads are normally used to make it easier to move furniture around. Using the square or circle pads can make a much lighter impression in your rug than letting it sit without a pad. Periodically moving the furniture around on the pad or over a few inches to change the force point on the rug can lessen the indentations and make them less permanent.

Spiked Caster Caps

Placing a spiked caster cap under each furniture foot of a heavy piece of furniture can give your rug some breathing room. The top side of the caster cap is a plastic or rubber piece that the leg of furniture sits on. On the bottom, there are spikes that separate some of the carpet fibers instead of indenting the carpet strands. While there may be an indentation at first, it will quickly go away after a quick vacuuming.

Ice Cubes

A quick fix can be placing a few ice cubes over a sunken area of your rug. However, this isn’t an actual fix. In some cases, your rug can be greatly damaged. If you take the proper precautions to protect your rug from heavy furniture, your rugs can stay in great shape.

If your rugs are ready for a deep cleaning and refresh after trauma from heavy furniture, contact us here at Cristomar. We are here to help your rugs remain clean and beautiful. Give us a call to schedule today!