How to Remove Pet Urine From Your Rug

Unfortunately, pet urine accidents are bound to happen at some point in time. Customers tell us that their pet will walk over the wood floor to get to a rug just to have a urine accident. Then, because of their urine smell, the rug becomes “their spot”. One accident can cause multiple stains to start showing up. Why does that happen? Because it’s a pet’s natural tendency. 

One accident can cause a pet to “mark its territory.” Your pet will start marking on other parts of your rugs, potentially in other rooms. In a dark room with a black light, we often see large areas of urine show up bright neon with small dribbles showing in other areas of the rug.

Pets will be attracted to those spots until the urine odors and residue are removed. Removing urine out of a rug on your own is a big task! You may think you got it out and then, on a damp, rainy day you can smell it! Your pet may keep returning to this same area because they can smell it too.

Be sure to locate older messes because it is likely the one spot you found is not the only spot. If you have the ability to use a black light, use it to search for potential soiled spots and use chalk to mark them.

Urine dries into hard crystals that are a challenge to remove with soap and water. To remove urine odor and residue, you will need a way to dissolve and liquify the urine crystals so they can be completely removed. Cristomar uses a pre-treatment with a natural product in a water bath to dissolve the urine crystals. Then, a fresh water, deep cleaning can flush out all the urine to allow you to start again with a clean rug.

Once the stained areas are properly cleaned, the pet smell “draw” to the rug is not there. As long as they can smell themselves, they will repeatedly return to that specific spot. Use positive reinforcement with your pets when they use the bathroom in the correct place.

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