Outdoor Rugs and What You Need to Know

Outdoor living is here! A beautiful and functional area rug can make being outdoors more comfortable and stylish.

What makes an area rug able to be taken outside into the sun and rain? The material that the rug is manufactured from makes all the difference. Synthetics products are preferable over the natural fibers, even jute. Bamboo or sisal are great for outdoor rugs. Synthetic fibers are inexpensive, light, and tend to dry quickly. If rain gets on a natural fiber rug, it retains moisture which will cause mold or mildew. Mold and mildew can then stain your rug and cause the fiber to degrade. Synthetic fibers will hold up better to moisture. A popular synthetic fiber for outdoor rugs is polyester. It is durable, easy to live on, and cleans well. 

The term “indoor/outdoor” is used when the outdoor rug is perfect for a sunroom, screened porch, or even an informal living area. These rugs are durable but not considered soft, fluffy options for indoor living.

Several tips for keeping outdoor rugs beautiful are:

-Sweep or vacuum regularly to keep leaves, dirt, and debris from getting ground into the rug fibers.

-Clean the surface of the floor before laying down the rug. Do not use bleach or an “oxy” product to clean the floor. Bleach or “oxy” products can take the color out of the synthetic fibers of the rug. 

-For spills or accidents on the outdoor rug, clean the mess up quickly to avoid staining. Using mild liquid detergent in water should do the trick. For stubborn stains, a liquid laundry detergent in water with a soft brush can be used. Then, use a garden hose to wash down the area. The advantage of an outdoor rug is being able to easily wash it off after cleaning up a mess! 

-During a stretch of rainy weather, you may want to roll up your rug and store until the sun appears again. If the outdoor rug gets soaked from the rain, lifting the rug to air dry both the rug and floor will help keep the rug in great shape.

Purchasing an outdoor rug for your outdoor living space will make your space more comfortable and feel inviting. Just because it is an outdoor rug does not mean it does not need to be properly cared for. Using our tips on picking out a great synthetic fiber for your rug and cleaning it properly will keep it in great shape.

At Cristomar, we offer numerous types of cleaning services for rugs. Rather than risking any damage, we’ll take the rug off your hands. To learn about our cleaning services, contact us today!