Rug Padding: What You Need to Know

After purchasing an expensive rug, you want to make sure you’re doing everything in your power to keep it in great condition. Over time furniture can make dents in your rug, wrinkles could appear, and you could slip on a corner of the rug. However, this can be avoided with a rug pad. Continue reading to learn what you need to know about rug padding.

What is a rug pad and why do I need one?

A rug pad itself is a sheet that creates a buffer between your rug and the floor. The purpose of rug pads is to protect yourself, your rug, and your floor. By having a rug pad, your rug will have a longer lifespan by not laying directly on the floor, letting the rug lay completely flat, and cushioning your rug from heavy furniture. Rug pads protect you by gripping your rug and floor to stop you or your family from sliding on the rug and falling.

Are there different types of rug pads?

There are several materials used to create rug pads:

  • Natural Rubber

Natural rubber is a perfect gripper without actually sticking to your floors. These pads work best for hardwood, laminate, stone, or tile floors. While natural rubber pads are durable and protective, they do not provide much cushion or support.

  • 100% Felt

Felt is a great rug pad material for its high cushion and protection. These rug pads can protect your floors from heavy furniture, scratches, and stripping. However, there is limited grip on your floors, so they are best paired with a rug that does not need help preventing slipping.

  • Felt & Rubber Combination

Felt and rubber combination mats combine the best of both worlds. They are highly durable, have great gripping capabilities, provide cushion, and protect your rug & floors. These rug pads work well for caper, hardwood, laminate, stone, and tile floors.


Will I need to replace my rug pad?

Inevitably, rug pads break down over time, requiring replacement. Every three or four years you should replace your rug pads. Also, every time you purchase a new rug, you should buy a new rug pad to go with it.

Rug pads are extremely important to keep your rugs and floors in great shape.

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