Rugs From All Over The World

Rugs are made from places all over the world. Many different fibers are used with various types of manufacturing techniques. But you don’t have to be an expert on rugs to buy one and love the way it looks! It is important to know how to keep your rug beautiful and in good condition, as rugs can be the basis of your home décor. With that in mind, special care is necessary to keep them in exceptional condition.

First, the fibers that your rugs are made from will make all the difference in the look and way you keep a beautiful rug in your home. The myriad of fibers includes natural and synthetic. It’s better to have a mixture of each type of fiber in your rug as opposed to just one type.

The traditional and most durable fiber for a rug is wool. Wool is extremely resilient. Resilience for a fiber means the fiber surface of the rug will bounce back from walking paths or furniture marks on the rug. Wool holds color very well because wool fiber accepts and holds color readily.

Other fibers, even in the natural fiber category, do not have these same characteristics. Natural jute, sisal, or hemp rugs can fade easily and will hold wear from foot traffic or furniture marks. Synthetic fibers including polypropylene, acrylic, polyester, nylon, and rayon all have issues with color and durability when they are used in making rugs for your home. A popular fiber today is viscose, a rayon fiber, that is shiny and used in many of the latest styles of home décor. These fibers will require maintenance to keep your rugs a beautiful part of your home. 

Here at Cristomar, we specialize in rug cleaning, repair, and maintenance. Our experts can inspect your rug, identify problem areas, and perform repairs and cleaning specific to your rug type. We aim to keep your one-of-a-kind rug in beautiful condition.

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