The Most Important Rugs To Have In Your Home

Do you know what the most important rug in your home is? For us at Cristomar, it is the rug that makes the biggest difference in how your home looks and feels, day in and day out.

The function of area rugs in your home is to:

  • Decorate by bringing color, pattern, and style to each room. Making your home an inviting space to live in takes finding things that make you feel good! Rugs not only make you feel good when walking on them but WOW – it helps pull together how you want each room to look.
  • Make living on hard surfaces more comfortable. Whether it is a shag, pile rug, or a flatweave, a rug (and of course, a good pad) makes living easier on your feet, knees, and spine. The rug takes so much pressure off your joints! It is similar to the difference between running in the grass and running on the street.
  • Rugs help you keep a clean house. Catching the impurities that come into your house, such as dirt and pollen, helps you breathe cleaner air.

This brings us to the most important rug in your house: your entryway rugs! These rugs catch the dirt tracked in on shoes and what can be floating in the outside air. Pollen is a great example of what is carried in when the door opens. If the entryway rugs are big enough to cover at least 4 feet from the door, they will help capture a lot of the impurities coming in from the outside.

Rugs that get a lot of traffic, including entryway rugs, family room rugs, and kitchen rugs, should be cleaned often with vacuuming and basic shampooing. Rug experts recommend a deep cleaning every one to two years. A deep, freshwater cleaning is the best way to remove the impurities in these rugs to keep a clean, healthy home.

If your rugs are ready for a deep cleaning, contact us here at Cristomar. We are here to help your rugs remain clean and beautiful. Give us a call to get started today!