Removing Pet Odor From Your Rugs For The Holidays

Since the holidays are coming up, it’s time to get your rugs in tip-top shape. If you host any friends or family, you don’t want your rugs to smell like your pets. While pets are great furry friends, they don’t smell the best. If you need help removing pet odor from your rugs, keep reading!

  1. Clean up any accidents right when they happen

The best way to prevent pet odor is to clean any accidents right away. The smell of urine can easily stick in rug fibers if it is left sitting. If you wait too long to clean, your rug is at risk for some awful stains. You need to thoroughly clean an accident spot so bacteria doesn’t grow and fester.

  1. Utilize different cleaners

You can easily create some great mixtures to remove pet odor in your rugs. Baking soda is a popular odor remover that is used for many spills beyond pet accidents. Let the baking soda sit overnight then vacuum it up in the morning. Another safe odor remover is white vinegar or apple cider vinegar. Spray the spot with the vinegar, allow it to sit for 5 minutes, then blot dry with a paper towel.

  1. Take preventative measures

Taking steps to prevent accidents will keep your carpets cleaner. Make sure your dog is properly potty trained to lower the likelihood they’ll have an accident on your carpet. Some dogs will want to mark their territory. If you do not completely get rid of the smell, the dog may continuously mark the same area. Grooming your animals will lessen the amount of hair that will get stuck in your rug fibers.

  1. Use a professional cleaning service

While cleaning up accidents and using odor removers will keep your rugs clean, it’s no match for a professional cleaning service. They have high quality cleaners and equipment to get the job done. Professional cleaners are able to bring your rug back in great condition.

Give us a call today at (770) 753-4242 to schedule a time for us to pick your rugs up and clean them up! We specialize in cleaning and repairing fine rugs, and we would love to take that task off your hands this busy holiday season.